Physical Trauma to Wash Your Waffles

At last, after many months of recording, our new EP Physical Trauma to Wash Your Waffles has been released. You can now listen to it and download it on our BandCamp page.

It contains songs that have appeared in Croydon Tourist Office live sets over the last few years like Post Office Mice and Croydon Tourist Office, as well as a selection of newly finished pieces that no one else has yet heard.

Kerchunk, featuring heavily distorted drums that Bryce recorded back in the late 90s, now has a fresh coat of Max’s guitar work, and Robert and John having a battle of nutritional value labels.

Punch it in Our Hearts started as a demo that John composed based on randomly generated lyrics that Max put together. We all added extra layers to it and it is now possibly our most epic song!

The Shoes is a poem that Bryce wrote (based on an actual pair of shoes), set to music. Robert added some backing vocals and Max and John improved it wish some guitar work.

The quirky little number ROCK!!! was made a long time ago when Bryce played some drums through an interesting sythesizer . The result was so much more than a drum track. Everyone thought it was cool, but no one knew what to do with it, until Max ran a vocal mix through an interesting little toy, and we all found the answer!
We hope you enjoy the EP. We promise not to take so long in getting the next album put together…

To listen to the new EP and the first album, have a look here:

Mix and Master finished!

Just a quick update to say that our forthcoming EP is complete. 6 new recordings that we have been working on for the last 6 months or so.

All we need to do now is finish up the artwork, and it will make its appearance into the world!

The second album is also in the works. Hopefully it won’t be long before we finish those recordings off.