You’re Fabulous!

It’s been three months to the day since Take it Easy with Croydon Tourist Office came out. Time moves quite oddly these days.

We had a few bits and pieces left over that wouldn’t fit on the album, but felt like good friends with the song Fabulous. Our idea all along had been to put together a video for the song and then release an EP of mostly electronic-tinged songs, but finding the right material for the video proved to be a bit tricky.

Until recently that is, when Bryce remembered some video footage from 2012 which, considering the theme of the song being a look back at a time when one was younger, seemed to fit the song rather well. It was very much our surprise to find that Robert’s dance was in time to the song!

So, as we enter the autumn of 2020, Covid-19 cases are on the rise, the American president is rushed to hospital, and the world hasn’t quite recovered from its madness, what better time to release upon the world the music video for Fabulous as well as the EP which you can download?

As with all of our releases, the EP is now available from our Bandcamp page for streaming or purchase (only £2.50) and will soon be available on all of the various streaming sites you can possibly imagine (and some that you can’t).

For now, please enjoy the official video for the song itself: