New Music Video!

It’s been a funny old year. A lot has happened since our last post back in April, but a lot has kept us from being able to be together and collaborate.

Quite unexpectedly over the summer, Bryce’s mother in California passed away which meant a few trips between England and the states, and in a pandemic with all the restrictions that come with it.

Where this meant that new collaborations between the members of Croydon Tourist Office haven’t been possible, there was a lot of nostalgia to be found in the visits to California. Kept safe for nearly 20 years in some boxes in the garage were all of Bryce’s teenage demo tapes, which have given forth some forgotten gems. Also discovered in the house were some 8mm films grandpa Dumont made over 50 years ago, giving a view of different times.

Early this year, when Bryce caught Covid, he worked on digitising some of these 8mm films, and some of the footage has yielded a music video taken from last year’s Friends of Croydon Tourist Office release. So now, presented for the first time, here is the music video for Lullaby (featuring Mike McGee)!