Fabulous Music Video! We Need You!

Friends! Croydon Tourist Office needs your help!

We are looking to make a video for our song Fabulous to coincide with its release as a single.

As you may know, the album Take it Easy with Croydon Tourist Office was largely recorded over lockdown, with everyone working separately and sharing files over the internet to complete the record. The song Fabulous was no different.

So here is where you come in: We are wanting the video for Fabulous to be made in this same lockdown method and we want it to feature as many of our friends as possible, dancing around and maybe even lip synching to the song.

We leave your interpretation completely up to you, but we do have some criteria to follow, should you wish to be involved:

  1. The location you record in should be your own home or somewhere you feel comfortable in
  2. You can use any device to record on, but we do ask that you record in Landscape (horizontal) format so everyone’s contribution is the same dimensions (just think of what the YouTube frame looks like)
  3. The video file you send us is in a universal video format
  4. Your contribution is a single take

We will take care of the rest of the editing, adjusting, realigning, etc. We just need your contribution to make the Fabulous video become truly…. Fabulous!

You can listening to the song here to get your inspiration:

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing what you contribute! You can contact us for more information on any of our social media pages or by emailing: croydontouristoffice@gmail.com

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