Hello Japan!

As you probably know, the music of Croydon Tourist Office can be heard on variously streaming sites, including Apple Music.

Apple Music has a feature where it will recommend music for you based on what you listen to. They also have a Radio feature where you can listening to a song, press the Create Station button, and then you have your own personal radio station based on music that Apple Music think are similar to that particular song and artists.

So, we decided to try this out this week, and we noticed a theme: Nearly all of the artists that Apple Music think Croydon Tourist Office is similar to are from Japan!

At first, we wondered what the universe was trying to tell us? Will the good people of Japan like our music? Should we plan a tour of Japan at some point?

So far, only one member of Croydon Tourist Office has been to Japan, and he even based the book Reception on the adventure. Perhaps it’s time to think about heading back, at a point when international travel is possible again.

One thing we can say for certain is that we are discovering a wide range of bands and musicians who are new to us and we’re discovered some great stuff. And in a way, we can see some of the comparison with our own music and the music we’ve now discovered.

So, we thought we would share this fascinating insight with our fans, as well as say hello to some of the other artists we have discovered this week:

We thought there would be more spoke-word oriented music in the mix, but it was a pleasant musical journey nonetheless.

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